Friday`s number: 3,100%...

September 28, 2018

…euros is the amount of share capital required for budding entrepreneurs in Norway to start their own business. Also in the other Nordic countries of Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland, despite a higher average income, the payments required for the share capital are significantly low. In Denmark, the highest capital contribution in the Nordic countries is required at 6,700 euros. Compared to Germany, this amount is still low: Here, the required share capital is at 25,000 euros.

In the “Ease of doing business” ranking 2018 of the World Bank, Denmark, Norway and Sweden are among the top ten of countries where people can start a business the most easily. Denmark is on place three, Norway on place eight and Sweden on place ten.

Learn more about the ease of doing business in the Nordics at Kjell Morten Hjørnevik's presentation (portfolio manager of DNB) “The Nordic region – Attractive returns in a sound economic environment” at NIMF 2018, starting on 23 October 2018 in Zurich, followed subsequently by Munich and Luxembourg.