Friday`s number: 40%

October 12, 2018

…is Norway's mandatory female quota for public company boards introduced ten years ago. There is no denying the fact that Norway is leading the way in female leadership positions in society: the country's prime minister is a woman, as is the finance minister, and the head of the powerful employers' association. All three parties in government have female heads. In the public sector, a majority of leaders are female. Yet according to a FT article, the outcome is mixed. Female leadership does not permeate all areas of management: Of 213 public limited companies in 2017, just 15 were run by a woman — 7 per cent of the total in this respect. While Norway has still room for improvement in the private sector, the results of the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Index of 2017 point to another direction: Norway ranked here second of 144 countries next to the other Nordic countries and Rwanda.